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Time is money, and in our workshops you get to save both. Our workshops are designed for advanced lash artists who are looking to step up their game and become lash experts. In only a couple hours we will show you the tricks of the trade to take your lashing from 100 to 110. We have two different workshops coming soon.


Do you feel like your lacking in confidence in your lashing lately? Maybe you just need to pay attention to the details. In the Lash Pro Workshop, we will talk about the little things in depth. How do you prevent allergic reactions and potentially cure them? We will talk about lash retention and how to ensure that lash extensions stay on as long as they possibly can with our insider techniques. We will dive into detail about adhesives and their ingredients, how to properly care for them, and adhesives’ relationship to its environment.


So you’ve got your art perfected. You’re doing a flawless job in your lash application and your clients are loving it! Now it’s time to make those profits grow. In this workshop you will learn from a lash-industry expert who is both an experienced lash extension artist and has an educational and professional background in finance. We will teach you methods based off of experience and research that will get you the results you want. Discuss pricing on your menu and benefits of add-on services and maximize your sales. Learn how to professionally market your business and yourself on social media, how to hashtag, how to engage, how to re-post and become a caption queen! Learn how to maximize your profits through effective business techniques and marketing management in our Business Strategy Workshop.

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