Available in 10D - we carry a full range of sizes depending on your preference as an Artist. 

What makes our fans different?

Heat Bonded Bases - Our fans are heat bonded at the base, allowing for a beautiful narrow base without adding extra weight like some glue bonded lashes. This helps protect the safety of your clients natural lashes

Consistent Narrow Bases & Symmetry with fan width -  One of the best parts about these lashes is that each one of these fans are consistent quality, and perfectly symmetrical width with each fan. This ensures your set turns out as flawless as you are. 

Double Heated for Ultimate Curl Retention - Double heating the lashes during the manufacturing process ensures ULTIMATE Curl Retention for these fans! Never worrying about these lashes relaxing or falling flat for your client


Available In D Curl 
* the D curl of these lashes is similar to the  CC Curl

10D Tray (using 0.07 diameter)- approx. 120 fans per tray

Available in 2 sizes - 9-15mm Length